My English Programme
Giga Vistas Management Consultancy Private Limited organised a “MY ENGLISH” training workshop for the first batch of outgoing 10th standard students of Shriram Matriculation School, Thiruneermalai. The workshop series ran from 3rd April till 28th April 2017.

Giga Vistas, a Chennai-based management consultancy firm that works with schools, colleges and corporates in soft skills development, has developed a new method for teaching English called CORE. CORE stands for Cognitive Restructuring, and is an efficient, fast method for teaching English, using the student’s analytical capabilities. Giga Vistas currently has a team of in-house coaches, and with the CORE method, it only takes a student 24 working hours to learn English. CORE comes under the brand “MY ENGLISH”, which is owned by Giga Vistas, and is transformational in nature, encouraging self-improvement in the students. It consists of several important units, including Spelling Techniques, an Introduction to the CORE Methodology, Terminologies and Syntactical learning, Sentence Formation and Writing Skills, and Public Speaking Skills.

The first day of the workshop was spent on ice-breaker activities to allow the students to feel at ease with the trainers. Subsequent activities included learning spelling techniques, the breaking up of words, nouns, verbs, subjects, sentence formation, question and answer formats, usage of questions and answers in daily life, how to introduce oneself formally and informally, storytelling, goal setting, time management, stress management, health management, emotional intelligence, decision making, leadership, career management, image management, principles of energy and excellence etc.

The trainers at Giga Vistas observed that the students were engaged with the training, and had enjoyed it, cooperated well, and showed initiative. Once they overcame their self-doubts, they started learning at an even faster rate. They concluded that the program achieved the expected outcomes. The feedback from the participants was also appreciative of the program. Shriram Foundation is happy that the outgoing students will face the outside world and their new schools with greater confidence.