Outdoor Play Equipment
Shriram Foundation has provided outdoor play equipment for the playgrounds schools as part of the Mission 100 project. In phase 1 of the initiative, swings, jungle gyms, slides and loop rungs were installed in 15 of the M100 schools in Krishna district in June 2017.

Recess time, and after-school hours are usually times children use to release the energy that they have pent up while sitting at their desks in school. This time is usually spent playing games with each other and exploring. The play equipment has added a new variety of activities for the children, such as climbing, swinging and jumping. It engages kids who may have previously not been interested in playing outside, encourages them to be more adventurous and daring, helps build up their stamina, flexibility and endurance, gives scope to their imagination to come up with new kinds of games, as well as helping them acquire valuable traits such as patience and sharing.

The play equipment have enhanced the visual appeal of the schools. Children are eager and excited to come to school and participate in joyful outdoor play.