Community Development
Tailoring & Embroidery
This Course though not specifically for woman, actually works for empowering them.A woman can learn the Skills of tailoring & embroidery & can become entrepreneur (or) get settled in a job, which provides steady income.
Scope: Placements in garment factory and also self employment
Curriculum (Subjects)
  1. Tailoring & Embroidery (Theory + Practical)
  2. Foundation course in Computer Basics
  3. Foundation course in English
Intake students background information
As a part of the community outreach programme as well as the development activity of SSVE, we admit women from the local community and parents of SF Schools . Also students from middle-school of SF schools learn the skills as part of their curriculum.
Faculty / Resource Person
Mrs. Mala Prakash Kumar Singh – Junior Technical Officer – SSVE (Thiruneermalai)
Mrs. R.Vimala - Junior Technical Officer – SSVE (Anaikoil)
Ms.Priya – Managing Director – Priya Classic
Mr. Prakash - Managing Director - Sri kalikambal Garments
Mr. M.Siva – Production Incharge – RK Industries
Skills Learnt after completion of Tailoring & Embroidery Course:
  • Many women in the community are able to find employment for themselves in various companies. These initiatives go a long way in ensuring women Empowerment.
  • General Pedalling,
  • Usage of Bobbin case
  • Simple stitching (including paper cutting)
  • Stitching of all ladies garments
  • Stitching of all men garments
  • Embroidery – all types of embroidery (including sarees)
Field Visits / Internship:
Within the current academic year of 2014-2015, 8 field visits and 30 days of internship programmes in various garment related organisations has been arranged by SSVE.
Placement and Achievement:
100 Tailoring course students successfully placed in well reputed garment factories.