Maths Club

at SMS, Tiruneermalai

The Position Paper on the Teaching of Mathematics, released by NCERT states that – “The main goal of mathematics education in schools is the mathematisation of the child’s thinking. Clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusions is central to the mathematical enterprise.”

With the goal of developing Logical Thinking skills in the students and integrating Maths with value education, SF initiated a Maths Club at our school, SMS, Tiruneermalai, Chennai. The sessions are conducted by Ms.Keerthana.T, an engineer-turned-teacher, who worked at the SMS as a Middle School Maths Teacher for the past 2 years. She now works as Academic Co-ordinator with the SF team.

In the weekly Maths sessions, the children of classes 3-8 are exposed to a range of fun activities which encourages them to think out-of-the-box, learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop a conceptual understanding as well as learn new concepts through puzzles, worksheets, concrete games and so on. The children also learn the values of teamwork and respect as they work in groups to solve the maths puzzles and activities.

We have found that through these sessions, not only the students, but also the teachers have benefited by learning new methods for teaching and classroom management.