Swachh Bharat Pledgathon
In a study conducted by the National Sample Survey Office in May-June 2015, it was found that more than half of the Indian rural population still opts for open defecation.

In order to create awareness about cleanliness, sanitation and the Swachch Bharat Mission, we at Shriram Foundation, organized two workshops in collaboration with the School of Mathematics, Hyderabad. The workshops took place on 22nd and 23rd December, 2016 in Siddhartha School, Chinnampet and Srividya School, Dharmajigudem.

The workshop consisted of an indoor activity and an outdoor activity. While in the indoor component, students learnt the significance of estimation in daily life, the outdoor component comprised of an interactive session with Mr. Vamsidhar Kalidasu about the perils of open defecation and the urgent need for proper disposal of human waste. The outdoor activity also had a visually appealing fractal pattern made from several square pieces of cloth containing the Swachh Bharath Pledge, signed by students and teachers from across the country. The students of both the schools also took the Swachch Bharath Pledge and raised several thoughtful questions about the implementation of the program.